Our mission is to set up and manage productive marketing and advertising campaigns

We are honored to take advantage of up to date academic knowledge in business management, marketing, branding and media management as well as 15 years of successful experience in different areas of advertising to help you succeed in your business

Advertising Services

what we offer in the field of advertising

Outdoor Advertising

Aavazeh holds an impressive set of outdoor media in several metropolises of Iran, particularly in Mashhad (the second largest religious metropolis of the world) and it has created many advertising campaigns, tailored to different business objectives and advertising budgets, up to now.

Internet Advertising

Internet advertising offers a new generation of advertising media to business owners. Namely PPC ads, Google ads and social media ads. The advantages of online marketing and advertising include low cost, targeted marketing, more accurate feedback evaluation and two-way communication with customers.

Complementary Services

what we present in marketing field

Web Design

Each website is an online showcase. You need a well-designed website to simply provide your audience with the content of your business

Content Marketing

Content is everything. Creating new, useful and targeted content is the most important tool you have to gain the trust of users and promote sales


SEO helps your website stay on higher position in search results, so searchers can see and access your website easier and faster

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the action of sending emails to a number of users purposefully and enables you to transfer your message directly to your target customers

Investor and Operator of all Advertising Capacities of

Astan Quds Razavi
The Passenger Terminals Organization of Mashhad Municipality

Our Clients

some brands we’ve had the honor to cooperate with them during past 15 years

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